Feb 12

Websites to Review – each pick one

List of Websites to Review (Math 304)

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Versal – https://versal.com/ Site for flipping the classroom and online learning. (new)

NCTM – http://www.nctm.org/ focus on what’s free. Comment on what is for members.

Mathematics Assessment Project (“MARS-MAP”) – http://map.mathshell.org/ from both sides of the pond.

Geometry Common Core – http://www.geometrycommoncore.com/

Engage New York – https://www.engageny.org/common-core-curriculum-assessments Common Core Curriculum & Assessments

CCSS Math – http://ccssmath.org/?page_id=2 can search by standard.

Illustrative Mathematics Project – https://www.illustrativemathematics.org/ I’ve heard it pronounced both ways.

Inside Mathematics – http://www.insidemathematics.org/common-core-resources/mathematical-content-standards tasks

PARCC – http://parcconline.org/ Show us the resources and the sample tests.

Model Mathematics Curriculum from Illinois – http://www.isbe.net/common_core/htmls/math-models.htm Also show the LiveBinder

(Many more at http://faculty.wiu.edu/JR-Olsen/wiu/common-core/front.html and http://faculty.wiu.edu/JR-Olsen/wiu/tea/page1-99.htm)

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