February 2018 archive

Feb 12

Wow, Annie Forest’s VLOG Made Me Flashback

While listening to Annie Forest’s vlog at http://showyourthinkingmath.blogspot.com/2017/04/small-changes-that-make-big-impact.html  my life kinda flashed before my eyes! As further background, Mrs. Forest is highlighting an excellent article, titled, “Never Say Anything a Kid Can Say!”  Author: Reinhart, Steven C.;  Source: Mathematics Teaching in the Middle School, v5 n8 p478-83 Apr 2000.  The article is excellent! The things I learned from …

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Feb 08

Desmos files

Here is a spreadsheet (shared Google Sheet) with some Desmos files on sheet 1 Desmos Classroom Activities on sheet 2 http://bit.ly/OlsenDesmosTable