I begin with an apology: I’m sorry that I have to have this page. The Covid-19 Pandemic and Crisis has been the biggest game-changer for me, my family, and the US, in my lifetime. I need a place to ‘bookmark’ things and try to keep track of what’s important in the turmoil that is the Covid-19 Crisis, andit appears that our world will be forever.

It’s a Challenge

It is important that we learn about this pandemic and stay informed — even though we certainly do not understand the virus, the ramifications, and are in a continual state of change.

It is important that we take measures to minimize sickness and that we allow education and our economy to operate. (I choose “education and economy,” for brevity, but I include most all aspects of our lives, including church services and baseball games.)

Direction from Iowa

I’ve noticed that usually, in Iowa*, they know how to do things right. They carefully decide what to do and then do it correctly and with a planned approach. *Disclaimers: OK, there are other examples of places that do things right; Iowa doesn’t always get it right.