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Great list on classroom environment

‘Be picky’ and 24 other great tips for teachers on how to manage a classroom. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/answer-sheet/wp/2014/10/22/be-picky-and-24-other-great-tips-for-teachers-on-how-to-manage-a-classroom/  NOTE: ‘Be picky’ is not really on the list (it is just the click-bait). In fact, being a little flexible is better than being picky.

32 Characteristics of High-Performing Classrooms – PLUS 10

This is a good big-picture summary. 32 Characteristics of High-Performing Classrooms Originally on Twitter: https://twitter.com/Alex_Corbitt/status/826613178176004097 Another good summary for classroom instruction: 10 Principles of Effective Instruction Save Save Save Save

Coach Tom Desotell an Inspiration

In fall of 1972 I was a sophomore at James Madison HS in Milwaukee. I planned to try out for basketball and Tom Desotell was the coach. He’s a great man and has influenced me in many ways. I’ll list a few here. I remember sitting in the basketball meeting days before the try-outs were …


Independent Reviews of Educational Materials http://www.edreports.org/ – does measure allignment to CCSSM  

Why Should I (students) Learn Math?

Free e-book download at http://mashupmath.com/resources/ Save Save

Situational Awareness

This is going to be unfortunately random. Some day I need to organize this. I will use SA for Situational Awareness (or Situation Awareness). Most of the writing (I’ve found, so far) on SA is for police work, the Coast Guard, etc.  However, I feel it is for everyone. Here are a few articles I …

The Importance of Knowledge

A variety (growing list) of articles and quotes on the importance of knowledge. Knowledge is an interconnected understanding. An understanding of 'things' to that the knowledge can be applied (perhaps used as a tool) to make a decision or to solve a problem. The Death of Expertise John Hallwas, in the 8-5-17 commentary piece titled, …

24 Game

The 24 Game is an excellent game. It has been around for a long time and we have the board/card game in the Math Resource Office at WIU. I’ve recently really come to enjoy it because I could learn from it (and get better at it/learn strategies, and not just get frustrated).  The two main …

Mistakes to avoid when flipping

Check out this page on flipping your classroom. http://edtechreview.in/trends-insights/insights/985-5-mistakes-to-avoid-when-flipping-your-class