Geometry Reference Sheets (and online textbooks)

Often in the back of a Geometry textbook there is a list of Postulates and Theorems. These lists can be useful for review and reference.  Here are some useful reference sheets I found on the web. My Top Two are pages 59-64 of the “Contents of Student Resources” and the 6-page Mathematics Reference Sheet from Big Ideas Math.

Contents of Student Resources – 122-page PDF of references and resources from the Geometry textbook by Ron Larson, Laurie Boswell, Timothy D. Kanold, Lee Stiff (2007).

  • Postulates and Theorems are on pages 59-64 of the the PDF. A very nice listing.
  • View the whole book here. If you go to “Chapter 1-2” the Table of Contents for the book is on pages 8-19 of the PDF.

High School AIMS Reference Sheet – from the Arizona Department of Education. (2 pgs.)

Wisconsin Mathematics Formula Reference Sheet 2 pages similar to Arizona (or my version)

Big Ideas Math: Geometry – Free Easy Access Student Edition. (Other textbooks here.)


I’m still looking for a glossary I really like. Pretty comprehensive with pictures.  Here are a couple that are pretty good: