June 2015 archive

Jun 30

Improving Our Schools From the Inside Out

@DrOlsen314: Improving Our Schools From the Inside Out #Teachers make the difference http://t.co/f52AQZx4lM #DoSomething #edchat #TouchLives Things are tough in the schools. Teachers, through their will, strengths, creativity, and heart, can, and do, make a difference for students. https://twitter.com/drolsen314/status/615871362805182464 

Jun 26

Notes from Ted Talk on Memory.

http://www.ted.com/talks/joshua_foer_feats_of_memory_anyone_can_do#t-1205064 Joshua Foer: Feats of memory anyone can do See the Notes-from-Ted-Talk-on-Memory I took.

Jun 08

13 Rules that Expire

Great article from Teaching Children Mathematics,Volume 21, Issue 1, Page 18:  13 Rules that Expire …avoid using these… Overgeneralizing commonly accepted strategies, using imprecise vocabulary, and relying on tips and tricks that do not promote conceptual mathematical understanding can lead to misunderstanding later in students’ math careers. These are good guidelines for teachers (and students …

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Jun 05

Great Reference Sheets (Math)

EEWeb has a very good Math Help page with numerous Quick Reference Sheets Algebra – Properties Geometry – Shapes and Solids Trigonometry – Definition (has unit circle) Trigonometry – Laws and Identities Calculus – Derivatives and Limits Calculus – Integrals BTW – for printing purposes, it worked better for me to download them (PDF’s) and …

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