Jan 13

Welcome Spring 2018 Math 304 Students

Welcome Math 304 students! This webpage is one of two main webpages we use for Math 304. The other two are WesternOnline and Math 304 Resources Page.

We use this webpage for announcements and links to teaching resources.

I look forward to working with you in this course.

You might also check out my Teaching Resources webpage. This is long-running page of resources (and is useful, I hope), but is not considered a ‘main’ page for Math 304.

Dr. Olsen

Jun 27

Using Rich Problems for Differentiated Instruction

This is a good paper describing the use and characteristics of rich problems.

(The teaching method here is Teaching With Tasks.)

Has 3 examples of rich problems

  • First is rich and fairly basic and doable.
  • Second is excellent. #differenceofsquares (I like this one the best. 😀) 
  • Third is quite open-ended.

The article does a nice job of showing how instruction and (formative) assessment go hand-in-hand.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, it has good mathematics.

Apr 17

Hidden Figures Curriculum for Schools

Check out http://mentalfloss.com/article/94297/hidden-figures-coming-classrooms

Free download of a curriculum based on the movie Hidden Figures.

Mar 29

Technical website note

I have disabled the comment feature of this website.  I do welcome feedback and comments on this website. Please use the phone, twitter, or email to comment on this website.

Mar 02

Educational technology that helps kids learn — and doesn’t

Good Article:

Silicon Valley teacher: Don’t confuse educational technology that helps kids learn — and doesn’t


Mar 02

Spring Math 304 Websites

Here are the websites of students in Math 304 at WIU in Spring 2017

These contain many ideas for how to make learning math meaningful our students. More will be added as the semester progresses.

Here’s one more — from Julie. She’s doing some things similar to the Math 304 students.

Feb 18

Weebly and other Internet/Web notes

My top 3 sites for creating free websites are WordPress, Blogger, and Weebly.

I have a fairly big section on my Teacher Resources page titled:

Web Page Development, Internet Stuff, Computer Hints, Graphics, Music, & Software ‘n Fonts

Check it out for more info.

Feb 14

Website Evaluation Form Here

Here is the Website Evaluation Form (.docx):  WEB SITE EVALUATION Form

Jan 27

Apply for the ICTM Scholarship

The Illinois Council of Teachers of Mathematics gives scholarships each year. We have had WIU math majors will the scholarship.



Jan 16

Welcome Spring 2017 Math 304 Students


I welcome the spring 2017 Math 304 students. I look forward to working with you.

Three Websites for This Course

We use three websites for this course

My Other Key Webpages

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