My Sites

Here is a list of my Subdomains.  These are different sites that I’m creating for various purposes.

  • – An Angle Inscribed in a Semicircle – for Math Teachers (gr 7-12), Prospective Teachers, and Students Who Want to Peek Behind the Curtain
  • – Personal Flotation Device – Mathematics for Elementary Teachers (gr 1-6), Prospective Teachers, and Students Who Want to Peek Behind the Curtain
  • – When Will It Pay For Itself – Algebra for middle school teachers
  • – Beauty of Three Dimensions – Three Dimensional Polyhedra and Spatial Visualization
  • – This website provides geometry problems which are mathematically beautiful in their own right, and which also help our students* reason mathematically, see connections in mathematics, and improve problem-solving abilities.
  • – Math Ed Research – Research, Reports, and Trends in Mathematics Education
  • – Believe Belong Become – Help me lead a purpose-driven life. Christian notes and reflections. Also here are notes on leadership and servant leadership (and communication).

  • – (password protected) Cottage-Boat-Dock-Triangle Administration: Attempting to better plan, communicate about, and keep track of Administration of our lake cottage
  • – (password protected) Okoboji Fun, Pictures, and Family History: Enjoying Lake Okoboji from Grandaddy Kinney to future great…great grandchildren
  • – Love, Learn, Engage, Empower – My life handbook is my guidebook to help me live my best life, consisting of everything from my life’s purpose, to life adages and rules-of-thumb, to long-term goals, to short-term goals, to action plans to realize said goals. The life handbook reflects the essence of what it means to live my best life. It’s a map and a compass for life. It’s mainly for my use, but it is open to the public. is more intended for myself and the public. Also included in the lifehandbook is a listing of things I want to ‘remember,’ such as when I updated a piece of software (OK, that was a lame example).
  • – My personal area, to once again, keep myself on track.

  • –  this is where I experiment.  The sandbox is not intended for public use.

My page at Western Illinois University is here.