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Apr 17

Hidden Figures Curriculum for Schools

Check out Free download of a curriculum based on the movie Hidden Figures.

Apr 26

Free Worksheets site – Kuta

Aug 10

Memoranda Mathematica: A Synopsis of Facts, Formulae, and Methods (1912 book)

At this the MathFest (Washington DC 2015) lecture by Richard Guy and John Conway I learned of a book from 1912. Probably only of interest to math geeks. (yep math geek alert) I find it interesting that this reference book begins with the divisibility test for 9 and for 11 and the usefulness of knowing …

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Jun 05

Great Reference Sheets (Math)

EEWeb has a very good Math Help page with numerous Quick Reference Sheets Algebra – Properties Geometry – Shapes and Solids Trigonometry – Definition (has unit circle) Trigonometry – Laws and Identities Calculus – Derivatives and Limits Calculus – Integrals BTW – for printing purposes, it worked better for me to download them (PDF’s) and …

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Mar 27

Spotting Numbers and Visual Patterns

Here a two great websites that provide lots of great pattern problems. Spotting Numbers Visual Patterns These patterns can be used with elementary students (if you just ask number questions) through advanced algebra (if you include questions about functions). Mathematics is often described as the study of patterns.  That is exactly what Spotting Numbers and …

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Feb 28

On Symmetries of an Icosahedron symmetries of the cube: