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About Dr. O.

About the author and this web page. Author: Jim Olsen (James R. Olsen) Brief author description: I teach at Western Illinois University & have a great wife and 3 great children. I consider myself a Christian, family member, teacher, athlete, and scholar.  I taught HS math in the public schools for 10 years. I have been …

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The Theorem

The namesake of this website is… Angle Inscribed in a Semicircle Theorem: An angle inscribed in a semicircle is a right angle. Equivalent forms: If an angle is inscribed in a semicircle, then it is a right angle. If an angle is determined by the endpoints of a diameter and a third point on the …

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Guidelines for Myself

Guidelines for Myself For Mathematical Topics General Structure: Essentials – essential ideas and connections. May include videos, Prezis, Slideshares, handouts, demonstration tools. Exercises Problems Activities – May include games, lessons, hands-on activities, online games. Page Outline 7th Grade 8th Grade Number and Quantity (N) Algebra (A) (including pre-calculus) Functions (F) (including pre-calculus) Modeling Geometry (G) Statistics and Probability …

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Tech notes

Technical Notes This is a page where I’ll keep little notes and reminders about computers, software, and devices. Java Control Panel type configure java to get to it Security tab: Edit the exception list. paste in the URL Java on Firefox (have an up-to-date version of java java.com/) Uninstall the old ones (a) Add-ons; (b) …

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