Everyone Can Learn Math

Everyone can learn math.

It’s time to put an end to the phrase, “I am not a math person,” and get everyone to adopt the growth mindset (the truth of which has been proved by learning and brain researchers) and get rid of the fixed mindset.

Research shows that everyone can learn math. Attitude and approach make all the difference.

This page has links to videos and articles that show that students with the growth mindset can, and are, successful in math.

Jo Boaler is a researcher at Stanford University. Check out this video (8:35). (More information is below.)

Here’s another great video (3:14).

More Good Stuff from Jo Boaler

YouCubed website

These 9 findings have very strong implications for mathematics classrooms. If acted upon they could unleash the potential of millions more students.

YouCubed – This is her main site at Stanford University.

For Those the Prefer Pinterest

Learning & Brain Research – This is my Pinterest board. many of the pins are about the power of having a growth mindset and not using the fixed mindset.

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