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Feb 12

Wow, Annie Forest’s VLOG Made Me Flashback

While listening to Annie Forest’s vlog at  my life kinda flashed before my eyes! As further background, Mrs. Forest is highlighting an excellent article, titled, “Never Say Anything a Kid Can Say!”  Author: Reinhart, Steven C.;  Source: Mathematics Teaching in the Middle School, v5 n8 p478-83 Apr 2000.  The article is excellent! The things I learned from …

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Jun 27

Using Rich Problems for Differentiated Instruction

This is a good paper describing the use and characteristics of rich problems. (The teaching method here is Teaching With Tasks.) Has 3 examples of rich problems First is rich and fairly basic and doable. Second is excellent. #differenceofsquares (I like this one the best. 😀)  Third is quite open-ended. The article does a …

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Apr 17

Hidden Figures Curriculum for Schools

Check out Free download of a curriculum based on the movie Hidden Figures.

Apr 26

Free Worksheets site – Kuta

Mar 18

Evidence Based Teaching Strategies

Top 10 Evidence Based Teaching Strategies

Feb 04

Quadrant D Learning

The Rigor/Relevance Framework. See the SlideShare at See also (Click graphic)

Jan 09

3 Things Students Want to Hear

Sep 19

I want math to be realistic and meaningful

realistic: I take this from Flickr from CU-Boulder and Freudenthal Institute US hosted the Fifth Realistic Mathematics Education conference, or RME5, in September of 2015.  Realistic: imaginable, realizable, not just “real-world” Meaningful: significant, relevant, important, consequential, telling, material, valid, worthwhile (antonyms: inconsequential) 1. having a serious, important, or useful quality or purpose. “making our …

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Jun 30

Improving Our Schools From the Inside Out

@DrOlsen314: Improving Our Schools From the Inside Out #Teachers make the difference #DoSomething #edchat #TouchLives Things are tough in the schools. Teachers, through their will, strengths, creativity, and heart, can, and do, make a difference for students. 

Jun 08

13 Rules that Expire

Great article from Teaching Children Mathematics,Volume 21, Issue 1, Page 18:  13 Rules that Expire …avoid using these… Overgeneralizing commonly accepted strategies, using imprecise vocabulary, and relying on tips and tricks that do not promote conceptual mathematical understanding can lead to misunderstanding later in students’ math careers. These are good guidelines for teachers (and students …

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