Verifying Trig Identities in the CCSSM

My question is below. Bill McCallum’s answer is here:

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As you have noted, the identities explicitly required by the standards are limited. But the standards do not cover everything that STEM intending students should learn. And that was true of many state standards before CCSSM. In high school, student paths diverge at some point. I think it’s a matter of judgement for colleges to decide what they teach. Some trig identities are important for calculus, for example.
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Hi Bill,
I’m wondering if ‘traditional’ verifying of trig identities (example is attached) is in the CCSSM.
F-TF8 and 9 are close but don’t seem to explicitly say students should be able to verify trig identities (like the one attached).
I’m splitting hairs here a bit, but it is the world we are in.  If we should shift our instructional time we need to do this in accordance with the CCSSM.  Therefore, we need to more fully understand the CCSSM.

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