Mar 23

Parenting, math, and the Growth Mindset

Mar 18

Evidence Based Teaching Strategies

Top 10 Evidence Based Teaching Strategies

Feb 17

Calculus Foldable online

The Calculus Foldable is on SlideShare


Thank you to Kyle for helping take all the pictures!

Feb 12

Websites to Review – each pick one

List of Websites to Review (Math 304)

[Evaluation forms at the bottom.]

Versal – Site for flipping the classroom and online learning. (new)

NCTM – focus on what’s free. Comment on what is for members.

Mathematics Assessment Project (“MARS-MAP”) – from both sides of the pond.

Geometry Common Core –

Engage New York – Common Core Curriculum & Assessments

CCSS Math – can search by standard.

Illustrative Mathematics Project – I’ve heard it pronounced both ways.

Inside Mathematics – tasks

PARCC – Show us the resources and the sample tests.

Model Mathematics Curriculum from Illinois – Also show the LiveBinder

(Many more at and

Evaluation Forms

Feb 11

Preparation for the Math Content Test (Illinois 115)

Go to Math 304 Resources Page and scroll to the bottom. Click the link. Included is a list of other states with similar exams.

Feb 04

Quadrant D Learning

The Rigor/Relevance Framework.

See the SlideShare at

See also

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Jan 09

3 Things Students Want to Hear

Dec 10

Top 20 list of Technology Tools
This is a nice list of tech tools schools need.  Nice variety. Includes LEGO, RasberryPi, aprons, and more.

Sep 19

I want math to be realistic and meaningful

realistic: I take this from Flickr from CU-Boulder and Freudenthal Institute US hosted the Fifth Realistic Mathematics Education conference, or RME5, in September of 2015. 

Realistic: imaginable, realizable, not just “real-world”

Meaningful: significant, relevant, important, consequential, telling, material, valid, worthwhile

(antonyms: inconsequential)

1. having a serious, important, or useful quality or purpose.

“making our lives rich and meaningful”  “a meaningful relationship”

2. communicating something that is not directly expressed.

“meaningful glances and repressed passion”.  “a meaningful glance”

Aug 12

Motivating the Unmotivated