Quadrant D — R/R Frmwk

Quadrant D and the Rigor/Relevance Framework

The following is drawn from this article.

There are two dimensions in the Rigor/Relevance Framework:

  • Rigor – Knowledge. Knowledge Taxonomy is based on the six levels of the Revised Bloom’s Taxonomy. 1.Remembering, 2.Understanding, 3.Applying, 4.Analyzing, 5.Evaluating, 6.Creating (formerly, the last 2 were 5. Synthesis, 6. Evaluation).
  • Relevance – level of application.  1.Knowledge in one discipline, 2.Apply in discipline, 3.Apply across disciplines, 4.Apply to real-world predictable situations, 5.Apply to real-world unpredictable situations.

More information, examples, and verbs can be found in the article.

Additionally, here is a good article that put Synthesis back in the taxonomy, by Erik Francis.