Notes on Cognition

Handling student requests to add classes the few days before classes start is very complex.  In order to do is somewhat efficiently I

  1. Collect all the requests in an email folder.
  2. Get the following screens/tabs open
    1. Gmail (the request is made)
    2. MVS as my main work page (to look up records and enroll student)
    3. Second MVS to find open sections of courses
    4. Word document to copy and paste the info as a gather it. Name; ID; course desired; STAR number. This is the center.  Also the document has typical phrases for replies to emails (e.g., I have put the student on the waiting list.).
    5. Waiting list in a browser tab. For classes that are full.
    6. Laserfiche – this is how we look up student’s HS records/transcripts.
    7. STARS quick search tab for math courses
    8. STARS quick search tab for stat courses

Then I methodically go through the emails.

Since many of the requests are similar, I get used to where the 8 screens are and can jump from one to another efficiently.