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Trig Reference Sheet

Trig_Cheat_Sheet (found at

10 cm Circle

10 cm Circle (make sure, when printing, to print full size)  

Trigonometry: A Clever Study Guide (J Tanton)

Trigonometry: A Clever Study Guide is a book by James Tanton James Tanton (a very interesting mathematician interested in HS student understanding): Twitter: MAA: YouTube: example (tetrahedron problem) 😉 James Tanton (PhD. Mathematics, Princeton University, 1994) is a research mathematician deeply interested in bridging the gap between the mathematics experienced by …

Trig on GeoGebra

Rolling a Unit Circle Here’s a nice GeoGebra to see and think about radians. Rolling a unit circle. (   Save Save

Misc. Trig

Page for Miscellaneous Trigonometry Information Webpage How do you find exact values for the sine of all angles? (some via straightforward methods such as the sum, difference, and half-angle formulas — some by more obscure means)