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Theorems and Postulates for Geometry – from the (New York) Regents Exam Prep Center

Reference Sheets for (Areas, Volumes, etc.)


Trigonometry resources here.

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Reference Sheets (for use on exams, including standardized exams) PARCC: Grade 5, 6, 7, 8. High School. Wisconsin – this is one of my favorites Wisconsin Mathematics Formula Reference Sheet

Bogus Fibonacci Triangles

Disclaimer: I apologize for the low quality of this page and diagram. I believe it to be mathematically correct. Someday someone can make it look nicer. This diagram (OK a better, neater one could be made) shows two would-be triangles. One with an area (if you add up the parts) of 136. The other with …

Misc. Geometry

Short takes on Geometry The Spider And The Fly Math Problem – Has some good Pythagorean Theorem Problems Save

Geometry is inherently important

Geometry is an important part of mathematics.  Geometry is an important part of human thought. Geometry should not be reduced or removed from the HS curriculum or the General Education curriculum. This needs to be developed into a full page.  Here are a few starter links to draw from: